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He Calls 911 When He Notices THIS On His Friend’s Tongue – Everyone NEEDS To Know This

By Karly Carpena
May 13, 2016

It was a normal day at the office: Felix was going over the numbers with his colleague, Martin, when he noticed something didn’t seem quite right. Martin’s left eye was fluttering and when Felix asked if everything was alright, Martin answered inaudibly.

But then Martin pulled himself together and returned to his desk. Three hours later, Martin was in hospital, he’d had a stroke and died the same day. If Felix had trusted his instincts, Martin might still have been alive today.

The reason why most people die from strokes is because every minute counts. Most are overseen and it’s best to try and get to a hospital within 3 hours…

The way to tell if someone is having a stroke is by asking four simple questions called “FAST-Test”: Face, Arms, Speech, Time.

1. Ask the person to smile. If it is uneven, there is a good chance it could be stroke.