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She Was Bragging About Being A Virgin, Then Her Boyfriend Says The Unthinkable

By Karly Carpena
September 22, 2016

So many couples proclaim their relationship status on Facebook, but one girl wanted to share her celibacy for all to see on Facebook. Amanda posted this photo of herself holding a sign that said #savingmyself.

She stated that she was saving herself from marriage and was using a trending hashtag to try to get other girls to follow her decision.


This is the message she wrote to all the people who made fun of her decision to save herself from marriage.


But she was shocked to see that people truly supported her, even her boyfriend supported her as you can see there. “I’ll wait for you forever, baby.”


But a few weeks later, something shocking happened to their relationship. Amanda was pregnant! How you ask? Even her boyfriend doesn’t know…Does anyone need a new roommate?