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Police Officer Pulled A Man Over For Speeding, But Gave Him THIS Instead Of A Ticket!

By Ace Nichols
January 29, 2016

No one ever wants to be pulled over by the police and it’s especially an even worse experience when you’re dealing with something tragic happening in your life at the moment. That’s what happened to a man in Indiana, Rodney Gibson, when he was pulled over by an officer for speeding after receiving some very difficult news about his daughter.


Rodney had just learned that his daughter’s breast cancer had become worse. It spread to other parts of her body and he was rushing to get home to be with her. Because he was so saddened and upset at the time, he didn’t even realize that he was speeding until he was being pulled over by Officer Todd Durnil.


Once Officer Todd pulled Rodney over, he noticed that he was clearly upset and had something else going on. While trying to figure out what that was, he noticed a pin on Rodney’s visor of a small angel, which just so happened to be the same exact pin Officer Todd had. When he asked Rodney where he got the pin, Rodney broke down in tears telling him the pin was from his daughter who has been battling breast cancer for six years now and the reason he was so distraught today was because he just found out that her cancer had metastasized.


Officer Todd walked back to his car thinking he was not going to give the man a ticket, as that would only add to the pain he was already dealing with. So, he returned to Rodney’s car and asked him if there was anything else he could do for him. Rodney then asked him, “Do you know how to pray?”


Although the officer was a bit taken back by the question, he wanted to do whatever he could to help the man. They both knelt down beside the car and prayed together for his daughter’s health. Rodney thanked the officer and they went their separate ways.

Showing compassion and kindness in tough situations is always the way to go. You can hear the full story in the video below and SHARE with your friends and family on Facebook.