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She Wakes Up & Finds Husband Is Missing. Then She Discovers ThIS Shocking Truth…

By Karly Carpena
September 24, 2015

Brie Gowen and her husband of six years, Benjamin Gowen, have two lovely little girls with a third on the way. Having been in a previous marriage, she is grateful of her relationship with her husband.

One morning, while sleeping in, Brie suddenly woke up to find her husband was missing!


“The side of the bed to my left was empty. In fact it was untouched,” she writes. “That side of the bed was still tidily made, and that told me two things. One, I really had slept like a rock. And two, my husband had not come to bed at all last night.”

She couldn’t recall if he had mentioned anything the night before…

“Yet he wasn’t in my bed,” she says.

Scared that something bad may be happening, she slowly walked into the living room to find THIS…

“There on the living room floor lay my husband, surrounded by three girls, and one of them was actually sprawled out across his chest.”


To her surprise, her husband had gone out of his way to make sure the youngest daughter didn’t wake up her mother.

“I had slept hard, and good. I had drove to work with plenty in my gas tank, and I had arrived on time. But mostly I had walked into work feeling loved and appreciated.”

She tells IJ Lift:

“My husband and I work to communicate on all issues, make time together alone, without the children, and are quick to praise the other spouse’s efforts.

I leave my husband love notes and he always compliments the things I do around the home. I make nice dinners and dress attractively for him, but the fact that he notices and speaks appreciation towards me encourages me to serve him more readily.”


“We pray consistently for one another, thank God for one another, but remember that our priority is our relationship with Jesus.”

Source: Brie Gowen