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She Soaks Her Hair In Coca Cola. Minutes Later? I Am DEF Going To Try THIS…

By Karly Carpena
June 23, 2016

Every girl knows there’s not a better way to boost your confidence than a trip to the hair salon. But it can break your bank! Haircuts and blowouts can cost between $45 – $300 all depending on where you go.

1But beauty vlogger, Ellie Kodia, has a perfect solution to getting salon quality hair for just a couple bucks!

It’s so easy that anyone can do it, just make sure to follow the steps on the next page to get the look…

2Ellie Kodia, aka Ellko, is a beauty vlogger from New York City. Ellko goes to popular beauty/lifestyle stie Pinterest and tries all the beauty hacks.

She then tests them out to prove if they work and uploads her findings to her channel. With over 464,000+ Youtube subscribers, her channel is one of the most popular beauty portals online.

Though the trick has been very popular online, many have questioned if it actually works. In this video, Ellko tests Suki Waterhouse’s Coca-Cola hair rinse trick – the theory that rinsing your hair with Coca-Cola can do wonders on your hair.

3The good news? The only products you’ll need to perform this beauty hack are two bottles of coke and a big bowl. (You may also want to grab a towel to prevent any Coke from spilling on your clothes.)

If you have short hair you will only need one bottle of Coke – if you have longer hair you will not need more than the two bottles suggested.

4Ellko begins the process with her natural, un-styled hair. Next, Ellko places her hair in the bowl and slowly begins to pour Coke over her head.

After completely soaking her hair in Coke, she rinses her hair in the shower using only water – do not use shampoo or conditioner. Then, she begins drying her hair using a blowdryer to see the results and to our surprise…It works like magic!

5At the end of the video she says: “My hair feels more textured than usual and has waves that weren’t there before.” She also mentions that her hair doesn’t feel crunchy after the rinse, which many people would suspect from all the sugar in the soda.

Not only will this beauty hack give you salon quality hair, but you can do it at home, with only a couple bucks, and for a fraction of the price!

Check out the video below and give it a try: