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She Puts Cotton In A Jar. What She Creates With It Is The Coolest Room Decoration EVER!

By Ace Nichols
January 15, 2016

Are you always looking for a new, awesome craft project? This one is surely one of the coolest DIY ideas I’ve seen in quite some time and you can complete it by using items you already have in your home!

Let’s get started on making a rad DIY Nebula In A Jar!


Gather your supplies! You’ll need a clear jar or container with a lid, cotton balls, glitter, food coloring, water and a pencil or a straw.

Start by filling up the container with water. Only fill a little less than half way, as marked in the photo.


Next you want to add the food coloring you want to use to the water and mix it up with your straw or pencil. Then go ahead and add some cotton balls to your container – layer them at the bottom and make sure to completely cover them in the solution by using your pencil or straw to press them down fully into the solution. Then sprinkle some glitter on top and mix it all up using your pencil or straw.


For the next step, add another layer of cotton balls on top of your first layer. In a separate container, mix water and your choice of food coloring, and then pour your mix over the second layer of cotton in your jar. Add more glitter and spread it around with your pencil or straw.



You can add however many layers you want to your container by simply repeating the last step! Once you’re done, add a lid to your container and place your nebula creation wherever you please in your room.


What an awesome project! You can even take it a step further and make mini-nebulas necklaces or keychain bottles – the possibilities are endless!


Check out the video below to see how it’s done!

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[SOURCE: omghow]