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She Is The First Mom In The World To Give Birth Without A Uterus

By Karly Carpena
July 26, 2016


37-year-old, Malin Stenberg, lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and is madly in love with her best friend, Claes Nilsson. The two wanted nothing more than to start a family, but there was one little problem…Because of a genetic defect called “Rokitansky Syndrome”, Malin was born without a vagina or a uterus.


She underwent an operation when she was younger to receive an artificial vagina, but she has known since her childhood that she would never bear her own children. Yet Claes refuses to give up on his dream of having his own family!


Malin’s boyfriend manages to get his then 29-year-old girlfriend into an extremely risky and never attempted research project at the University of Gothenburg. Just 9 women were chosen to take part. And Malin was one of them!

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