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She Gave Him Up To Have A Better Life. 7 Years Later She Discovers A SHOCKING Truth

By Karly Carpena
December 15, 2015

Kris Smith was barely 21 years old when she had to make a heartbreaking decision. Hoping she was offering him a chance for a better life, she gave up her three-and-a -half-year-old son for adoption.

At the time, Kris had lost her job and her apartment. She felt it wasn’t a good situation for her son to be in, so with a lot of pain, she left him. Kris herself had been given up for adoption and went through a lot of hard times before running away at the age of 14. She became pregnant with Matthew at 16 and was afraid of all the trust and expectations she could see in his eyes. She later had a daughter who died only a few days after being born. Grief overcame her and she lost everything including her son.

For years she wandered homeless, until one day she realized she had to live. She went into a restaurant and asked for a job, and amazingly, he hired her – because she was honest. From then her life had turned around, and she even married a man whose relationship with his son inspired her to find her own. Calling, she found out that he had never been adopted in 7 years. After an emotional reunion, she eventually was able to officially adopt him again, an extremely rare case of a birth mother adopting her own child. This new family , full of love, will be able to make their own happy ending.