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She 18 weeks pregnant when she died in a car crash, what her boyfriend did will break your heart

By Christine
January 28, 2017


A young man named Brandon Forseth lost his eight weeks’ pregnant girlfriend named Kylee Bruce, in a car crash just five days before Christmas. He had looked forward to spending the holidays with her at the house they lived in together in Bend, Oregon before the tragedy struck. It became a sad Christmas all of a sudden.


Brandon’s girlfriend, Kylee Bruce, also known as Ky, was only 24 years old when she died in the terrible car crash. Unknown to anyone except Brandon, she was 18 weeks pregnant, and they had both planned to share the news with their family and friends when the pregnancy clocked 20 weeks. The pair were waiting till they had confirmed the baby’s gender at the 20th week before they made the announcement to anyone but that never happened.