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She Covers Half Of Her Face, Now Watch What She’s Hiding Behind Her Left Hand…

By Karly Carpena
March 28, 2016


Shalom Nchom was 9 years old when she was doused in boiling oil causing her entire face and parts of her body to be scarred forever.


After her accident, Shalom moved to Maryland to try and start a new life. But she was constantly being stared, which made her extremely uncomfortable and insecure.

Determined to not let the accident get her down, she found a way to use make-up to completely transform her look and boost her confidence!


Shalom hopes to reach out to other people dealing with similar self-image issues and encourage them. Her message is especially important, because she herself is suffering as a burn victim.


“You should always love yourself, regardless of whether you’re wearing make-up or not,” she says in many of her videos. “My make-up is not the reason why I am happy. I am happy because I love myself.”