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If You Enter THIS Secret Code Into Your Phone, It Will Reveal Something Extremely Surprising…

By Karly Carpena
June 26, 2016

Most people use their smartphones to check the weather, answer emails, make phone calls, text friends, map your route, and play your favorite music. But there are even more features built right into your phone that you had no idea existed!

With just a few simple codes, you can mask your phone number, find out your signal’s strength, find your phones ID number, see all the routes your texts take, and use call waiting / block calls.

5Mask Your Phone Number


All you have to do is hit #31# before making a call and no one will know it’s you!


4Find Out Your Signal Strength


This one is a bit tricky to master, but the results are magic!


Simply call *3001#12345#* and hold the power button…


When the power down screen pops up, hold the home button until you see the home screen.

You should see a precise number that measures signal strength.


But what does that number mean?


Signal is measured on a scale from -40 to -140, with -40 being the best signal and -140 meaning no signal. If your signal is above -80, then you are good to go!

3Find Your Phone’s Identification Number


Just like a car has a unique VIN to identify it, your phone has an IMEI number. Find it by typing in *#06#.


2See The Route All Your Texts Take


Messages don’t just go straight from one phone to another. Instead, they’re routed via a message center before reaching the intended recipient. Call *#5005*7672# to reveal your wireless carrier’s hub number.


1Block Calls And Use Call Waiting And Forwarding


These unfortunately come with a fee, but they’re pretty useful.


You can easily set your phone up to bar calls, put people on hold, and send calls straight to voicemail with these short codes.

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