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Mom Sees Newborn’s ‘Ugly’ Face And Refuses To Take Him Home. Today, He’s Inspiring People Around The World!

By Karly Carpena
September 16, 2016

Robert Hoge may not have been “normal” when he was born in Australia 44 years ago, but it’s his story makes him special!

Robert was born with a giant tumor on his face the size of a tennis ball. His legs were also deformed to the point doctors had to amputate them. This is his story…


Robert’s mom was so stunned by her precious son’s deformed features that she refused to take him home from the hospital – she even said she wish he would die. “He is so ugly,” she told her sister.


After a family meeting, Robert’s mother finally agreed to take him home to be with the rest of his family. She was “terrified at the thought of Robert and her family being bullied and ridiculed because of his appearance.”


Shortly after arriving home, Robert underwent surgery to remove the tennis-ball-sized tumor. However, Robert’s legs were in such poor condition that doctors had to amputate them and replace them with prosthetics.


In September 2016, Robert Hoge opened up to NPR about why he had come to accept his mother’s initial feelings and learn from them:

“The reason I know all of that was because one of the doctors at the time encouraged my mother to keep a diary. And she kept this lovely blue diary with beautiful handwriting in it and that was never hidden away from me. It would sit on the couch beside her, or it would be on her bedside table. … And every now and then I’d ask mum to read me a bit from her book. And so she was really open and honest in that book about her feelings about me, and she was really open and honest with me from a very young age about her feelings.

And I think I had a few times where I was a bit concerned and a bit worried and couldn’t quite understand, but I think then it just clicked one day that it was like a movie that has some sad parts in the middle but has a happy ending. I was finding all of that out after knowing that my parents had decided to bring me home.”


By the time Robert turned 30, he was a devoted husband and father. He says his mother’s memory helped him navigate fatherhood. He even told Miranda Bryant for Daily Mail Online that he only has positive feelings towards his mother and that his entire family was “amazing, loving and caring.”


In 2013, Robert put out his memoir entitled “Ugly“. He now works as a successful journalist and motivational speaker.


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