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Remember Johnny Knoxville? Here’s What He’s Up To Today…

By Karly Carpena
October 10, 2016


The success and notoriety brought on by Jackass helped Knoxville branch out into acting, it also brought him legions of fans. Knoxville’s fandom posed an immediate problem: how could an ultra-famous TV star continue to perform clandestine pranks on an unsuspecting public? Jackass shut down after only two seasons, despite wild success. Knoxville and the gang managed to parlay the popularity of the show into the first Jackass movie, though the problem of becoming too recognizable still posed an issue. To cope, the production shot a large portion of the film, including most of the prank segments, in Japan, where they could perform their pranks without being recognized. The subsequent movies adopted a similar approach, filming in exotic locations like Russia and India.