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Rapper Rick Ross Loses Over 100 Pounds

By Karly Carpena
October 2, 2016

But there is one thing as hard as he tries cannot give up – he’s still gotta have his chicken wings from his Wingstop restaurants! This should come as no surprise since Rick Ross owns 25 Wingstop franchises. The company has a great relationship with the Black Market rapper. Wingstop’s Chief Marketing Manager Flynn Dekker recently spoke to XXL about the chicken chain’s ties with Ross. Wingstop’s Chief Marketing Manager Flynn Dekker said: “Rick is an awesome business man and great promoter. I work a lot with his sister Tawanda, she is the backbone of the organization. She’s not only helping him run his empire, she’s really in the day-to-day in the Wingstop business as well and they are growing fast. They are passionate about it.”