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Doctor Said Her Baby Was Just Teething, But Mom Knew Something Just Wasn’t Right..

By Ace Nichols
March 17, 2016

Pediatricians across the United States are trying to raise awareness about the dangers associated with infantile spasms. These spasms could have terrible consequences if they’re not caught early enough.

Infantile spasms will normally show up within the first year of a baby’s life and they need to be properly diagnosed and treated. The movements of this type of spasm could be very subtle and almost unrecognizable, making it difficult for parents to notice. It could repetitive moments of slight head nods from your child, them bending at the waist, or putting their arms or legs out.

The key to pinpointing these spasms is to note the repetitive motion of the child and some mothers will instinctively know that these movements don’t seem like their child’s normal behaviors. If these go untreated, it can lead to brain injury for the child.

On West Palm Beach Florida 25 News, Chief Pediatric of Neurology at the University of Tennessee, Dr. James Wheless, says if parents think their child is showing signs of having infantile spasms, they should film them with their smart phones and bring that in to show their pediatrician who should be able to take it from there.

Also on the news video sharing her story is Danielle Boyce, a mother who’s son suffered from infantile spasms. She stated that at around 9-months-old her son started losing his milestones like saying “mama” and “dada,” became irritable and had repetitive head movements. Her pediatrician mistook these symptoms as teething, but she did not listen and took him to the emergency room where he was referred to a neurologist who then diagnosed and treated her son for infantile spasms.

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