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Two Puppies Fell Into A Deadly Cobra Pit, Then Something INCREDIBLE Happened…

By Karly Carpena
April 25, 2016

Most stories like this one don’t end well, but in this particular case something amazing happened when two puppies fell into an old well in the Indian state of Punjab.

The owner searched everywhere but came up empty handed. He then heard the mother dog barking loudly near the well. When he rushed over to see what had happened, he couldn’t believe it!

Next to his two adorable puppies was a giant King Cobra. Amazingly, the Cobra didn’t look to harm the puppies but was actually being protective of them.

48 hours later, authorities arrived and helped bring the animals out of the well. The puppies were returned unharmed and the King Cobra was released into the woods.

The video below is in Russian but contains subtitles:

Source: Youtube