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Have You Ever Noticed THESE Numbers On Your Produce? This Is What They Mean…

By Karly Carpena
March 5, 2016

Monsanto is the world’s largest supplier of genetically engineered seeds and herbicides. These types of produce can have a longer shelf life and cost consumers A LOT less than non-GMO foods. Many people and scientists are now warning people about the longterm effects GMOs can have on your body.

How do you tell which fruits and veggies are organic or contain GMOs? PLU or “Price Look Up” codes are four or five digit codes that tell cashiers which type of produce to ring up.


If you understand PLU codes, than you can have more of a grip on the types of foods you are buying. There are three main types of PLU codes: zeroes, eights, and nines.


A PLU code that begins with a zero, or is four digits long, signifies produce that has been conventionally grown using common pesticides. (Ex: 03001 or 4921)


A PLU code that begins with an eight signifies that the produce has been genetically modified. (Ex: 84220)


A PLU code that begins with a nine signifies organic produce. (Ex: 93857)


You can learn more about PLU codes in the video below…