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Prison Employee Tries To Sing A Beyonce Song, But They Were SHOCKED When She Does THIS…

By Ace Nichols
June 29, 2016

36-year-old Sam Bailey, a prison employee, showed up to sing at the auditions for The X Factor UK.

5She was very intimidated and shy, especially because she was older than some of the other people auditioning and because of her hard demeanor.

4When it was her turn to audition, she stepped in and when asked what song she would be performing, she answered with Beyonce’s “Listen.”

This song is a very difficult one to sing, but once she started belting it out, the judges could not believe their ears!

3Sam received a standing ovation from the judges with them all giving her a “yes” to go on to the next round. One of them said, “That’s exactly how this song is supposed to be sung..with the passion, just singing for your life. That’s all I care about.”

2Sam was overcome with emotion and joy when she called her kids after the performance to tell them that she made it through.

Despite her skepticism, she completely shocked the judges with her amazing voice and talent.

1Sam’s audition is a perfect example of why you should always follow your dreams, because you never know where they will take you and it’s never too late!

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