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Prince Once Wrote A Song Named For Donald Trump

By Ace Nichols
April 22, 2016

There are many little things popping up after the devastating death of the legendary artist Prince on Thursday, that you might not know he had done through the years of his successful career. One of those things is that he wrote a song named for Donald Trump.

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Prince was not only famous for his own hits, but he was also famous for writing and producing on other artist’s albums. The song he wrote, titled “Donald Trump (Black Version),” was performed by a group formerly known as The Time for their 1990 album, Pandemonium.

The chorus goes a little something like this:

Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need.
A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.
Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance.
A 1990s love affair, the real romance.

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