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Car Crash Leaves Pregnant Woman In A 4-Month Coma. THIS Is The First Thing She Sees…

By Karly Carpena
February 15, 2016


Sharista Giles was involved in a terrible car accident that left her in a four month coma. Doctors feared that herself and the baby weren’t going to make it until she gave birth one month in.

“The doctors were telling us there was nothing else they could do,” her aunt Beverly Giles, 49. “They already gave up hope. We never gave up. She’s fought this hard.”


The newborn, who is being called “Baby L” weighed a little over 1 pound, is now in stable condition and is as healthy as any baby could be.

When Sharista woke up, her father showed her an image of her newborn child. She never took her eyes off the image, her aunt told ABC News. “When he turned around to put it back on the bulletin board, she turned her neck, her whole head trying to follow and find the picture again.”