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Pregnant MOM Was Hanging On A Ledge In The Paris Attack When A Stranger Heard Her Cries…

By Karly Carpena
November 18, 2015

Sebastian also described the moment the first gun shot was hear in the music venue, saying “‘The singer had gone. The lights came on and I turned to the entrance and saw two or three guys armed with Kalashnikovs. They were shooting at anyone they met. Those in the bar went down first. Everyone fell to the ground. I saw a guy next to me take a bullet in the head.”

“Word spread that there was an exit behind the stage. I crawled closer to it. I had to crawl over dead bodies, wounded people, my clothes were full of blood. I took advantage of one guy reloading to escape behind the stage. On the left there was no emergency exit so I crossed and hid behind a black curtain and got to the other side. There was no exit there either. I climbed the stairs but they led onto the balcony of the concert hall.”