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The Positive Effect of Eating A Pickle Everyday

By Karly Carpena
August 25, 2016


A new study published in “Psychiatry Research” is changing the way we think about pickles. In fact, if you’re not eating pickles regularly, you might want to start. 


It’s not just pickled cucumbers, but all pickled foods. includes but not limited to pickled eggs, sauerkraut, and more.


So, why should pickles become a part of your diet?

They may be able to treat mild cases of certain mental issues. That includes social anxiety and neuroticism. Yes, if you’re neurotic, you may want to have a pickle.


Scientists say that probiotics in pickles influence your gut’s ecosystem. That, in turn, affects feelings of social anxiety. This is due to an increase in GABA chemicals, which may control anxiety. 


Rebecca Rupp of “National Geographic” puts it more succinctly. 

“In other words, if you’ve got a case of social jimjams, eating a bowl of sauerkraut may be the equivalent of popping a Valium. Or maybe even better.” 

The study found a relatively strong link between pickle consumption and a lack of social anxiety. If you or a friend suffer from social anxiety maybe try going to your local food store and picking up some pikcle products. Its worth a shot right?!