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She Didn’t Have Much Longer To Live, Then Doctors Came Up With The Craziest Plan To Save Her!

By Ace Nichols
May 15, 2016

Everyone gets headaches from time to time, but sometimes they can be sign of a more serious condition. A 20-year-old woman and nursing student, Stephanie Lipscomb, learned terrible news when she sought help for her awful headaches.


Stephanie was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, a very large brain tumor. She had to begin an intense course of radiation and chemotherapy, but neither of them turned out to be a success. She had one other choice, which was to perform an experiment that had never been tested on a human being before.


Doctors then injected Stephanie with the polio virus in hopes that it would jump-start her immune system to kill off the cancer.


The treatment was full of risks, but Stephanie decided to let the doctors try this experimental treatment on her, because without it she would only have a few months left to live.

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