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Police Officers Tape An Umbrella To Their Squad Car. The Reason? INCREDIBLE!

By Karly Carpena
May 10, 2016

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Source: City Of Pharma

The Parma Police Department in Ohio noticed something suspicious on the top of the squad car. As they approached, they soon realized it was a mourning dove’s nest with eggs in it.


Source: City Of Pharma

Rather than getting rid of the bird and her eggs, they put an umbrella up to help protect the mother from the elements.

“After a mourning dove created a nest at the base of the windshield on a Parma Auxiliary Police car, our officers took steps to make sure it isn’t disturbed, even adding an umbrella to keep it dry,” they described on Facebook.


Source: City Of Pharma

They even went as far to put up caution tape to make sure nobody tampered with the nest.


Source: City Of Pharma

They eventually swapped out the blue umbrella for a purple one…