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If You Spot THIS Ring On A Woman’s Pinky, Here’s What It Means…

By Karly Carpena
August 2, 2016

For many women, getting hitched is one of the most exciting times in their life! After you get proposed to, it is very common for women to showoff their ring to their friends and boast about their love.

But what if you aren’t engaged or married yet? Why can’t a single girl get in on the fun and wear a wedding ring? There’s no reason why a girl can’t buy her own and wear it around right?

A new trend sees women buying engagement rings and wearing them on their pinky fingers. It’s supposed to be a declaration of independence and self-love. Learn more about this new trend by reading the post below:

1Maybe you are sad that you have never gotten engaged yet. Don’t worry!

The first thing people want to see after you “Say Yes” is your bling.


2Now, single women can get in on the fun! Many are wearing engagement rings in a very creative and unique way.

They aren’t “technically” engagement rings, but are a way for women to express self love and independence.


3The pinky ring is supposed to celebrate your one true love…YOU!

Being able to love yourself is a beautiful thing that everyone should be able to celebrate!


4Self love above all else

The pinky ring is now a strong symbol of the self-love a woman has for herself, just like the traditional engagement ring is about finding a mate.


5And it’s not just any ring, either.

It’s a special diamond heart ring designed specifically for them.