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This Photographer Takes Pictures Of Children With Down Syndrome To Show Their Beauty.

By Ace Nichols
April 12, 2016

A photographer, Julie Wilson of JulieD Photography, helps others see the beauty in children with Down Syndrome by taking amazing photographs of them in her new passion project.

Wilson’s sister, Dina, was born with Down Syndrome and passed away four years ago. which is when she decided she needed to start this project aimed at showing the world how special people with Down Syndrome are. She has always wanted to take photos of children with the disease and now she is doing so to spread awareness.

What an amazing and inspiring project. See the rest of Julie’s photoshoot below.

Julie believes she is greatly blessed to have grown up with a sister with Down Syndrome.

She says that her sister Dina was their family’s greatest joy and biggest blessing.

Dina taught the whole family what true and unconditional love really is and how to live life worry free.

Julie says nothing brings her more joy than being around those who have Down Syndrome and everything about them makes her smile.

She hopes that her photos will be shared and that others will see how blessed these families are.

She wanted to do this photoshoot to raise awareness of Down Syndrome, as well as for her own pleasure.

She hopes to help decrease the abortion rate of those who find out their child have Down Syndrome, which is currently at around 92%.

Julie wants to change minds. She wants people who find out that they’re going to have a child who has Down Syndrome to know that they are very blessed.

JulieD Photography

JulieD Photography

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