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All These People Will See Your Vagina When You Have A Baby!

By Ace Nichols
March 2, 2016

Ah, the most wonderful day of your life has come.. You’re about to bring a baby, your baby, into this big beautiful world. Now, all you have to do is deliver it, which can also feel like you’re hosting your own vagina viewing party!


If you haven’t really thought about it before, I’m here to tell you that there are SO MANY PEOPLE that may see your vagina during your delivery. Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. Your husband’s family

Some in-laws will want to be there to witness their grandchild being born, even though they’re probably the last people you want to give a peepshow to!

2. Medical students

Your doctor may want to show you off to their medical students, so they can see all that goes into delivering a baby. Of course, this is for future doctors to learn, but it’s going to be uncomfortable for you to have a large group of students staring at your lady parts.

3. Labor and delivery nurses

Depending on your labor, you could have multiple different nurses coming in and out to give backup help to the doctor, and they’re all going to see your vagina.

4. Your friends

There’s always that one friend (hopefully you only have one of these types of friends) who wants to be there for you in every single way possible and never knows when the time has come for them to make their exit. This friend might stick around to help you a little too long and be there for a piece of the show.

5. Your dad

Don’t be one of those people who want your entire family around you when you give birth, because there’s a huge chance of your dad seeing your vagina. Really think about this one.

6. A panicked stranger

Seriously! While you’re giving birth, there are others giving birth in rooms right next to yours that look exactly like their room, especially to a panicked soon-to-be-dad who’s eagerly running in and out of the room and winds up accidentally running into your room. That’s NOT my wife’s vagina… WHOOPSIE!

7. The orderlies

These people probably see vaginas every day, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel any better when they catch a glimpse of yours while it’s not in it’s finest moment.

8. All of your husband’s friends that he decides to show that video to..

A lot of husbands want to capture the special moment of their son or daughter being born on video, which is great and all, but chances are that after he witnesses it for himself, he’s going to want to show it to one of his bros. If I were you, I would accidentally place a dead battery in the camera before you leave for the hospital.

So, no matter who’s invited to the labor party and who’s not, there’s a giant possibility that a few extra people will see things that you don’t want them to. I guess that’s just how it goes!

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