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Divers Discover HORRIFYING New Species Of Fish, What When It Turns Its Head Around…

By Karly Carpena
May 20, 2016

Divers off the coast of Australia discovered a new species of fish that did something that hadn’t been seen before. The divers were STUNNED to say the least…


This slender, scaleless fish is not scar in it’s appearance, but by where it makes its home. The pearl fish are known to make their homes in the seabed or the crevices of rocks, but it can also reside ein the anuses of sea cucumbers!


‘Pearlfish’ is the common name of the Carapidae family, which includes 31 species of fish found in tropical waters all around the world, including off the coast of every Australian state except South Australia.

The name “pearlfish” comes after one was discovered inside an oyster shell, having been caught up in its host’s new mother-of-pearl lining as it set.

Once they stumble across a sea cucumber, they will locate its anus and tap the area a little before penetrating the sea cucumber using one of two methods:

– Head-first, propelling itself inside by violently thrusting its tail from side to side, or

– Tail-first, coordinating its inwards slide with the sea cucumber’s next ‘breath’.

They usually live alone inside a sea cucumbers anus, but sometimes two of them will take up residence in the same host.

The pearlfish is getting a lot of press lately after the BBC posted this Tweet on Thursday with the hashtag #FishThatLiveUpBums

Since then the fish has gone viral across Twitter! Check out the video below to learn more about this strange fish…