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Orphaned Baby Monkey Is Adopted By A Herd Of Goats, And It’s Insanely Adorable

By Karly Carpena
November 17, 2016

In Jiangxi, a southeastern province in China, a baby orphaned monkey was abandoned by his family. According to goat farmer Zhong Shu, the monkey had been on the property for about four or five days until one of his goats took it upon herself to be the money’s mother.


Zhong Shu told CCTV that he discovered the monkey on November 12, lying on a piece of wood. It appeared to be scared of him and ran to the goats for safety.


It has grown attached to one nanny goat in particular. They roam around during the day and sleep next to each other at night.


Upon learning about this situation, the Tonggu County Wildlife Protection Station made plans to transfer the monkey to a zoo in a nearby city.


The zoo will only be a temporary stop. Once the monkey is old enough, it will be returned to its rightful home.


Click below to watch a short clip of the monkey and goat family: