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An Elderly Woman Visits Her Husbands Gravesite. What Happens Next? UNBELIEVABLE!

By Karly Carpena
May 3, 2016

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Two weeks after her husband of 60 years passed away, 78-year-old Tona Herdon was visiting her husband’s grave at a cemetery when she became a victim to a terrible crime.

She was so caught up in saying her goodbyes to her husband that she didn’t even see the thief stealing her purse and $700 in valuables.


About a week later, 15-year-old, Christian Lunsford, was watching the news and saw a mugshot of a man on the news. He immediately recognized the man to be his estranged father.

He immediately reached out to Tona and wanted to make things right. He asked her to meet him in a church parking lot.


Watch the video below to see the good gesture after the wrong doing of his estranged father. We promise it will pull at your heartstrings.