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Little Girl Was Abandoned By Her Parents, But Then Her Nurse Did Something UNBELIEVABLE!

By Ace Nichols
March 7, 2016

When baby Nicole was born with a rare medical condition that proved to be too much for her biological parents to handle, the nurse who took care of her since day one stepped up in the biggest way possible.

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Nicole’s condition is called omphalocele – a condition in which the organs develop outside of the body. She was left in the hands of state custody when her parents decided that they could not deal with Nicole having this condition. Thankfully for Nicole, she had a wonderful nurse.

Amber Boyd took care of Nicole in a hospital in New Mexico for 18 months and over the course of the time she spent with her, she fell in love with her and the two formed an inseparable bond. Once Nicole was able to leave the hospital, Amber knew exactly what she wanted to do..

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