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This Nintendo Hack Will Leave Your Childhood Self Filled With Joy!

By Ace Nichols
May 15, 2016

The modern day video game systems are extremely awesome, and the capabilities of new consoles and games are far more sophisticated than the old school systems from the 80’s and 90’s.

But, if you grew up playing Mario and Legend of Zelda on an original Nintendo, you know the struggle all too well of trying to break it out of storage and play those games now-a-days when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Well, there happens to be a hack to bring your old Nintendo back to life in just a few steps that will have you reliving your childhood in no time!

Recently, a new hack was discovered, so you no longer have to try to lose your breath blowing repeatedly into your old Nintendo. It involves BOILING a major part of the Nintendo and it actually works! Here’s what you do..

STEP ONE: Remove the screws. There are six screws on the bottom side of the Nintendo. Flip it over and remove the top.

STEP TWO: Remove more screws. You’ll see seven screws holding a thin metal cover. Once removed, pull the metal cover up.

STEP THREE: Remove even more screws – two silver screws and two bronze screws holding down a black cartridge tray. (Note: Remember which screws go where.) Now, slide that cartridge tray off of the 72-pin connector.

STEP FOUR: This won’t be extremely easy and you’ll need to put a little force behind it. Slide the 72-pin connector off the motherboard.

STEP FIVE: Take that 72-pin connector to your kitchen and submerge it into a clean pot of boiling water for 30 minutes. This will not only remove the oil and dirt from the old electronic part, but the heat will help the pins return to their original shape. Allow the part to completely cool and dry before putting it back into your console.

STEP SIX: After re-installing and assembling your console, turn that baby on! If it starts giving you the blink of death, your games are probably still dirty. It’s funny, because the games specifically note to not clean them with rubbing alcohol, but I assure you that taking a Q-tip covered in rubbing alcohol and swabbing it along both sides of the contacts works like a charm.

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