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They Told This Couple Their Newborn Baby Had Died, But Then THIS Happened! WHAT A MIRACLE!

By Ace Nichols
February 20, 2016

Kate and David Ogg had been trying to conceive for three long years when they finally received the best news ever – Kate was pregnant with twins and they were overcome with joy! But, their joy quickly turned into fear when Kate had to deliver the babies prematurely and they were told by the doctors their first baby would not make it.

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They were heartbroken and took their son, Jamie, into their arms to hold his lifeless body close against their bodies while they cried. They talked to their son, telling him all about their family and the plans they had for him.

All of a sudden, Jamie started moving and breathing, and soon after – he opened his eyes. This is a powerful and inspiring story of how much a mother’s loving touch can truly change their child’s life.

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