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Man Loses His Wallet, Receives This SHOCKING Letter Why Thief Didn’t Return All Of The Items…

By Karly Carpena
February 17, 2016

Reilly Flaherty was out on the town with some friends in New York City when he realized that his wallet was missing. He tried going back to the Brooklyn theater where he last had the wallet at a concert, but found nothing.


Days later, he received a mysterious letter in the mail…The thief had returned his license and credit cards, but his wallet, cash and MetroCard were gone.


“The ironic thing really is that, you know, we could’ve been good friends both like Wilco, into indie music, same taste in wallets but he or she tried to take what was of any currency any value,” Flaherty said.

The anonymous sender who found Flaherty’s wallet wrote the cash was kept for weed, the MetroCard was held onto because the fare has increased and the wallet was too cool to give back.

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Check out the full story below: