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He’s Sentenced To 48 Years In Prison. 17 Years Later? 9-Year-Old Gives Him Hope Again!

By Karly Carpena
October 21, 2015

Zachary Tucker’s parents noticed some confusion behavior. They soon realized that their son had been suffering from Asperger’s, a form of autism.


Zack’s autism triggers terrible panic attacks which often lead to him breaking down at school. Trying to keep him calm is tough because he does not like others to come near him while experiencing these attacks.


His parents were so desperate to help their little boy that they would do anything to see him be happy. That’s when they came across Chris Vogt while browsing the internet. He specializes in training dogs to be companions for children with autism. But there was one catch…


…Chris Vogt is a convicted murderer that has been sentenced to 48 years in prison. While incarcerated, he decided to participate in a program to rehabilitate dogs in animal shelters.


During the program, he soon realizes his passion for helping children with autism. So he decided to train his dogs to be safe companions for these children.