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Motorcyclist Stops Traffic At A Busy Intersection. Then He Rushes To Save THIS In The Middle Of The Road…

By Karly Carpena
October 23, 2015

A motorcyclist stopped at the light at a busy intersection. That’s when she noticed a kitten in the middle of the road!

She rushed into action and stopped all traffic to make sure the kitten didn’t get hit.

“Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated,” the motorcyclist writes. “Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.”

After grabbing the kitten she then handed her off to a good samaritan on the side of the road who was watching all the action unfold. She decided to take the kitten home and name him “Skidmark”. She also tried to contact the person in the red car (the vehicle that the kitten appeared to fall out of), but she was unavailable and has not yet returned her call.