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Mom Cuts Her Stomach To Save Her Son. Minutes Later, Something UNBELIEVABLE Happens…

By Karly Carpena
January 2, 2016

Jocelyn Robinson is 9 months pregnant. The soon-to-be-born little treasure has made her and her boyfriend Ignacio more than happy. They think their luck and fortunes are perfect (as the two have wanted children for a long time). Now, the time has finally come.

When Jocelyn’s contractions begin, the two hurry frantically but excited to the hospital. But, nothing happens as expected: Jocelyn does not feel well and suddenly begins to bleed very heavily.


She is terrified that something horrible could happen to her precious little guy. After she arrives at the hospital, she undergoes an ultrasound immediately. The results are harrowing.


Doctor Kimberly Sampson steps to the bed of the soon-to-be mother and gives her the worst news that one could receive: “There’s no heartbeat.” The little boy, named Noah, is dead.


A second doctor performs an ultrasound again, but the result is the same: no one can find a heartbeat. Her beloved baby, whom she had waited for with such joyful anticipation is dead.


The mother and father are distraught and begin to weep bitterly. No one had expected this news. Under closer inspection, the doctors determine that Jocelyn had suffered a placenta praevia. In such cases, the placenta blocks the birth canal.


Jocelyn is still bleeding heavily, so the doctors decide to perform a Caesarean section, birthing their dead son. But something unbelievable happens during the procedure.


As the boy is removed from his mother, he gasps for air. The doctors can’t believe what happened, the parents even less so! Noah is brought to intensive care immediately and looked after. He is still very week, but he is breathing.


“He is alive!” Jocelyn can hardly believe the good news. Her doctors put it into words: “It’s a miracle. You simply can’t say anything more.”