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Mothers And Daughters Participated In An Experiment To Reveal Shocking Truths About Their Looks!

By Ace Nichols
February 22, 2016

Men are often told that the woman they marry will eventually turn out to look like their mother, so take a good look at your wife’s mother to see what your wife will look like in the future. But, is that entirely true? Well, the photographers at the Daily Mail decided to do a little experiment to find out.


They went out and found five mother-daughter pairs that they thought really resembled one another (although the pairs didn’t really think so) and take their photograph together. Little did they know, the photographers were going to morph their faces together to prove that some women really do turn into their moms when they get older.

Check out these mother-daughter pairs below and see what they had to say about the experiment once they saw the results of their faces mixed together.


Even though we may see the resemblance immediately between these two, it’s often not the same when you’re looking at your own family.


Sara (62) says she doesn’t think her daughter Clemmie (30) looks like her and that, “She’s far more beautiful than I ever was,” Sara says. “But I don’t feel any envy when I look at her. She’s my beloved daughter — how could I feel anything but joy?”

On the other hand, Clemmie says, “If I can look like her when I’m older, I’ll be happy.”


This is Rhonda (45) and her daughter Darcey (15). Rhonda definitely believes that Darcey looks like her and thinks it a little weird, because she sees herself as a young girl when she looks at Darcey.


Before seeing the photo, Darcey believed she looked like her mother, but after seeing the photo – it really stuck! “If in 30 years I look like her, great!” she says, but she also knows that looks aren’t everything — which is something her mother has taught her.“She’s made me realize that it’s important to be clever rather than good-looking because looks can be gone in a second.”


Here we have Frances (83) and her daughter Tineka (57). Frances has always lived by the rule of staying positive and feeling young, rather than focusing on looking young. She thinks her daughter is the most beautiful one in the family.

“When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is aging every day,” she says. “But I’ve always felt younger than my contemporaries.”


Tineka has always thought she looked like her mother. “Mum has always been effortlessly stunning,” she says. “Thankfully, she’s passed on her good genes and healthy habits… Looking at my mother’s face blended with mine doesn’t scare me a bit.”


Josie (48) fully admits that her looks are most important to her and that to her, aging means losing your attractiveness. She stated, “I’d love to look younger,” she says, “but I never want to look foolish.”


On the other hand, her daughter Jodie (24) is completely content and only wishes that her mother had more confidence about herself. “I wish she could see she’s still gorgeous. I love that we look so alike — we have the same eyes, smile, and dimples… I’m not at all worried about looking like her. I just hope I do.”


In the last 40 years, Esther (73) has not worn makeup or put a lot of effort into her beauty regimine after having recent health issues. “I know more than ever that being healthy is more important than appearance,” she says.


Her daughter Wendy (43) actually feels the same as her mother. “Aging doesn’t phase me. Just like Mum, I find it liberating,” she says. “There are more important things in life, like your health… So when I see the odd line, I don’t worry.

This was quite an interesting experiment if you ask me. Next time I’m with my mother, I’m going to take a deeper look into our similarities and embrace them.

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[SOURCE: Daily Mail]