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Mother And Son Blow Bubbles Outside. But Neither Of Them Expected THIS To Happen…

By Karly Carpena
November 19, 2015

Washington-based photographer, Angela Kelly, went outside on a cold winter day to blow bubbles with her son. Using a homemade solution of dish soap, karo syrup, and water, Kelly and her son blew bubbles outside in the freezing cold.


Because of the cold air, the bubbles became crystalized! The project became known as Frozen in a Bubble, as people on the internet are captivated by Kelly’s amazing photos.



Kelly explains the idea mostly came out of curiosity.

“This whimsical series happened entirely on… a whim. I had often wondered if it were possible for bubbles to freeze and, upon hearing that we were due for an arctic blast, decided that it would be a perfect time to test out my theory.”



“Bubbles are such whimsical and fantastical things! Everyone knows what they are; they have all seen them, played with them, and enjoyed them, but rarely in this form. I wanted to show a side of them that hardly anyone has seen before — their intricate detail, their uniquely stunning patterns and the way that their colors show as they freeze.”


Some of the smaller bubbles froze in mid-air and then fell to the ground, shattering upon impact.


Kelly says that the main purpose behind her project was “to encourage others to slow down and appreciate the little things.”



Make sure try this fun project with your kids: All you need is a bubble wand, dish soap, Karo syrup, and water!