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He Was Playing Monopoly With His Girlfriend…When He Pulls THIS Card Out? LOVE THIS!

By Karly Carpena
September 29, 2015

Justin Lebon just upped the “game” for men everywhere wanting to ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage!



Lebon recruited the help of good friend, Mark Becker, to help design the board, including a hidden compartment.


Lebon told Buzzfeed that he searched for vintage Monopoly sets to put together a fully functioning game.

He went a step further and personalized the game’s properties to correspond with places where he and Ott had lived at or visited. Some of the locations include favorite vacation getaways, the website through which they met and their current apartment number.


He disguised his proposal in the form of a wedding gift. But it wasn’t until she rolled a seven with specially-weighted dice and drew a “Chance” card that she realized that something BIG was coming…

After picking up the chance card, she then proceeded to follow the proposal’s instructions to “advance to luxury tax.


Leon then gave her an amazing speech and revealed a secret compartment that unlocked an engagement ring.


H/T Buzzfeed