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Mom Watches In Horror As Her 2 Daughters Are Thrown From A Ferris Wheel

By Karly Carpena
August 23, 2016

Fairs are supposed to be a place where families can enjoy themselves by eating greasy food and riding the Ferris Wheel. But the Reynolds family from Tennessee had experienced the unimaginable while at the local fair.

Kayla, 10, and Briley, 6, were riding the Ferris Wheel while their parents watched something tragic happen. The Ferris wheel baskets got stuck together, and because the seat belts are not required by law, the two children were thrown from the baskets 40 feet and onto the ground.

Fortunately, Kayla sustained only minor injuries, while her sister is still in the hospital recovering from a major brain injury.


As the incident happened, they tried to get the conductor to stop the Ferris Wheel but it was too late. Their father says “I could see them trying to grasp for things to hold onto, but the intense incline of the basket thrust them out of the ride before anyone could help.”


Riley suffered a traumatic brain injury and had become so swollen that her mom says she was almost unrecognizable.


The girls’ mom, Kimmee, has been keeping everyone posted on Facebook:


Watch Kayla and her parents being interviewed below: