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Mom Tries To Surprise Her Daughter At College And It Goes HORRIBLY Wrong…

By Karly Carpena
May 10, 2016

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18-year-old, McKenna Pilling, is a student at Utah State University when her mom, Deanna, decided to make a surprise visit.

She thought it would be funny to sneak into her dorm room, lay down in her bed, and send her daughter McKenna a selfie “Look where I am!”

Little did she know that her daughter McKenna had already moved out of her dorm and the bed she was laying in was not hers. OOPS!!!

McKenna told Buzzfeed that her mom had been laying down in the wrong dorm room for five minutes before sending her the selfie.


She posted the text messages to Twitter and it went completely viral with over 16,000 ReTweets and Favorites.