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Mom Thinks She’s Having Triplets. But While She’s In Labor, The Doctors Become Shocked!

By Karly Carpena
December 13, 2015

Kimberly Fugate is a completely normal woman. She is happily married and has a wonderful 10-year-old daughter. But then the 42-year-old learns something that she surely never reckoned with: she is 13 weeks pregnant. Not much time remains for her and her husband Craig to digest this beautiful, but surprising, news as their unexpected blessing is coming in a 3 pack.


Neither had intended to have more children. But getting the news that it will be triplets is even crazier, especially at Kimberly’s age. And all this without artificial insemination. The preparations for the 3 surprise blessings are now in full swing. But the babies can’t hold out in mommy’s belly and want out after 6 months.


What happens next in the hospital is so crazy that you can hardly believe it: the doctors fetch the 3 girls out of Kimberly but then have another a surprise. “More feet,” the mother hears the doctors say. Her first reaction is complete horror: “I screamed: ‘No!’ It was an instant shock. After the 4th surprise baby comes the actual conclusion. And surely that is enough children for the completely smitten parents.


“It was all very overwhelming when you think about it and all the changes that come next,” tells the mother. “I tried to digest everything day by day. I know everything will be okay.”


After all the improbable proceedings finally come together, there is some more unexpected news for the new parents: their 4 girls are monozygotic quadruplets. The chances of that happening naturally once are about 1 in 729,000. But the chance of that happening 4 times is 1 in 13 million, a minuscule chance! You’re more likely to get struck by lightning. Her doctor James Bofill is completely out of sorts: “I was clearly very confused. The news was give nto me by a colleague. I thought she was joking.”


The girls must stay in the hospital awhile. After several weeks, they can finally go home and meet their bigger sister. In the meantime, Kimberly has thrived in her motherly role: “Waking up in the morning and seeing the smiles on their face; to hear how they babble at me and each other – this joy is overwhelming. The babies were the biggest surprise in my life and I can’t imagine living without them.”


Kimberly considers her daughters a wonderful twist of fate, even if her life has completley flipped upside down. Mother Nature certainly meant well with the family and has once again proven that things never come like you expect them. But that’s okay.