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This Mom With Crohn’s Disease Is Sharing Selfies With Her Ileostomy Bag To Inspire Others To Love Their Bodies

By Ace Nichols
February 11, 2016

Krystal Miller, or Bag Lady Mama as she is known on her Facebook page, is a 32-year-old mother of two in Australia who had been battling with Crohn’s disease since the young age of 15.


At the age of 22, she underwent surgery to have a large portion of her bowel and her anus removed because of the disease. Now she lives her life with an ileostomy bag and wants to empower and inspire others by sharing her story.


Miller said that when she was young teenager, she would sleep 22 hours a day because the disease caused her to constantly be sick, vomiting and have diarrhea. The surgery gave her the opportunity to actually live her life in the way she wanted to.


On her Facebook page, she shares pictures and stories of living her life to the fullest with an ileostomy bag to talk openly to others battling with the disease in hopes to inspire them to remember they are still sexy, amazing and desirable.

*** ADULTS ONLY***Soooo… Lets talk about sex baby!!Firstly, I love this pic! I’m 30 odd weeks pregnant here with…

Posted by Bag Lady Mama on Monday, February 1, 2016

Miller also hopes that she can spread the message to others that even as a “bag lady” you can have a natural child birth. Although she did experience complications, she was able to deliver both of her children naturally using no drugs.


Her Facebook page is nearing 3,000 likes since she first started it in January and she will soon be setting up a webpage to share more of her stories and experiences with the world.

Miller told, “I wouldn’t trade my life for a butt! My life is amazing compared to before.”


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