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These Pictures Capture The Heartwarming Moment A Mom Met Her Baby Born Via Surrogate

By Ace Nichols
April 28, 2016

This beautiful photo series captures something not many of us get to see the joy of – the special moment when a mom gets to meet her new baby being born via surrogate.

The mother filled with joy in these photos, Kim Overton, underwent surgery when diagnosed with fibroids earlier in her life and successfully gave birth to a baby boy in 2012. But, when she tried to get pregnant again down the road, doctors said her fibroids were making it impossible. That’s when Kim started considering surrogacy.

Turns out, when Kim discussed surrogacy with her family, she found out that her cousin’s daughter, Cydnee, was up for the job. Kim and her husband were overjoyed at her selfless willingness to help them have another child and Cydnee was so happy to be able to help.

The photographer on the day of the delivery, Leilani Rogers, captured their beautiful day filled with emotion to remember for the rest of their lives.

Baby boy, Oliver, was born healthy and after a long few years of struggling, Kim told BuzzFeed, “My three-year journey to conceive was a very emotional roller coaster, but finally there he was, this sweet little baby after such a long struggle.”

Cydnee was extremely happy that she was able to make such an impact in the family’s life and help them welcome another baby into their world, that may not have been possible without her, and they both hope sharing their experience will bring understanding to others about the process of surrogacy.

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