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Mom Is Recording Her Son When She Notices Something Horrifying. This Can Happen To Anyone!

By Karly Carpena
December 20, 2015

For many parents, having your first child is a learning experience. You follow all the medications and instructions to a tee. You ensure that your house is completely “child-proof” to prevent anything from happening to your child. However, while you may try your best, there are many things that simply aren’t 100% preventable.

In a home video from 2002, Nicci Walla filmed her kids eating cereal off their walker trays. Suddenly, the camera pans over to the window where you hear Nicci let out a terrifying and panicked scream. She spots her son Gavin, hanging from the window blind cord. Fortunately, Nicci saved Gavin in the nick of time.

Now in high school, Gavin and his parents gave ABC News permission to post the scary video. They want to use it as a warning to all parents and families with young children.