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A 6-Year-Old Came To School With THIS On His Back, His Teacher Screamed Out For Help!

By Ace Nichols
June 27, 2016

The boy, Xiao Bing, was changing his clothes to get ready for gym class when his teacher saw the massive red welts across his back.

4She took photos of Bing’s back for evidence and immediately contacted the authorities. The officers questioned Bing as to why his mother did this to him and he said it was because…


3The 6-year-old boy came to school after not completing his homework assignment and his teacher noticed something terrible on his back.

Turns out, his mother had beaten the boy with a wire hanger for not doing his homework. Once reported, the Chinese police decided not to press any charges against the mother for her actions and apparently, this type of abuse happens all the time.


2Police spokesperson Hu Ling, said “The boy’s mother and father are unhappy about his performance at school, saying that he is a naughty boy who often fails to do his homework and needed to be taught a lesson. His mother had hit him after discovering that once again he had not done his homework on time.”

The mother was brought into the police station where she was only given a warning. The cops state that the injuries look way worse than they actually are.


1But once the teacher learned that the mother didn’t receive any punishment for her actions, she decided to post the photo online to show that this kind of abuse is unfortunately common amongst students in China from their parents.

This is just terrible. No child deserves to be punished in this way for not completing a homework assignment. What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments and SHARE this story with your friends and family on Facebook today.