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Mom Bakes ‘Sorry’ Cake After Blaming Teen Daughter Of Doing Drugs

By Karly Carpena
September 26, 2016


A teenager named Glemis took a drug test at school and the results came back as negative for heroin, meth, and cocaine. The news made Glemis’ mom PISSED OFF to say the least, but it turns out that the school made a major mistake!


“When the test came back, they completely misread it, and read the indicator for a drug being negative as positive,” Glemis told Mashable in an email. “So they assumed I had tested positive for everything mentioned.”

Glemis’ mother initially accused her daughter of doing the drugs listed, and began to research rehabs for her. A few hours later, the school called the family to explain their error — and Glemis’ mother asked her daughter if there was anything she could do to make up for it.


So Glemis asked her mom to make her a cake, not expecting much. But instead of a buttercream rose or a cream cheese layer, she got a beautiful heroin joke, a hilarious cocaine one and a statement of regret.

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