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Couple Who Lose Their Three Children In Car Accident, Give Birth To “Miracle” Triplets

By Karly Carpena
January 11, 2016

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Chris and Lori Coble lost their three young children, Kyle, Emma, and Katie, in a horrific traffic accident in 2007 not far from the family’s home. Lori was taking the kids out when a big rig tow truck carrying 40,000 pounds crashed into the back of their minivan.

The next thing Lori remembers is waking up on the sidewalk. She and the children were rushed to separate hospitals for emergency care. Chris anxiously awaited news and one by one he learned his children had died.

Three months after the tragic accident, Chris and Lori decided to have more children. They said it was an easy decision. They knew their beloved children would want them to be parents again.

Almost one year to the day of the accident, Lori gave birth to triplets. And not just triplets – two girls and a boy.

“I think it’s a miracle. I think Kyle, Emma, and Katie had something to do with this,” says Lori of the triplets. “I think they helped us, I think they made this possible.”