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Men Are Having Their Own Baby Showers, Calling Them Dadchelor Parties And They Look Super Fun!

By Ace Nichols
March 12, 2016

It is completely expected for a woman to have a baby shower before the birth of her new baby, but now the dads want to celebrate with their own showers or “Dadchelor Parties,” as they’re calling them.

It’s apparently a thing that is happening regularly and I have to admit, they look like way more fun than baby showers.

Most of them have themes attached, like the “Dress Like Dad” theme in the photo above, or “Poker Night” as seen below.


Treats are also served at Dadchelor Parties, very similar to baby shower treats, except funnier.


..and this hilarious Rice Krispies Treat made to resemble the happily pregnant partner of the dad-to-be..

Don’t forget the GAMES! Like this gem..

“pin the sperm on the uterus.”

And of course, sperm cornhole toss!

From the looks of this one, Dadchelor Party cakes are pretty dope!

And this “Prepared Dad Apron” gift is just everything right now.

After seeing all of the fun that takes place at these Dadchelor Parties, I’m just waiting on one of my guy friends to have one, so I can hopefully attend.

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